Tour of Milwaukee w/ the DJI Osmo Mobile

I received my DJI Osmo Mobile just days before Doors Open Milwaukee and decided to put my new device through its paces during a walking tour of the city.

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a handheld stabilizer/gimbal for smartphones. I’m very impressed by the quality and stable footage I was able to record with the help of this device.

In this video, you’ll see footage while riding on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus, dramatic pans/sweeps, and video recorded while walking and while running. If you’re considering buying the DJI Osmo Mobile, I hope this video gives you an indication of the type of stable footage you can achieve.

Video was recorded on an iPhone 6 running iOS 10. Editing was done in iMovie. No optical image stabilization was used, nor was any stabilization added during editing.

During Doors Open Milwaukee, we visited Milwaukee City Hall, the Grohmann Museum on the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus, the Milwaukee Federal Building and US Courthouse, the US Bank Building, the Milwaukee River Walk and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

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