As best I can recall, I’m on my 12th cellphone

Watching the announcement for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and reviews of the device from my favorite YouTubers (MKBHD, Jonathan Morrison, Krystal Key) got me thinking about my cell phone ownership history.

It occurred to me that I’ve now been tethered for 18 years, and, like most people, I’ve gone from candy bar to flip to smart phone.

I’m now proudly carrying a Google Pixel XL after nearly a decade in the iPhone ecosystem.

The list below of my previous handsets is accurate, as best as I can recall. I did not include phones that I tested and quickly abandoned (I’m looking at you, Nexus 6P). These are the devices that I’ve used as daily drivers since either very late 1998 or early 1999:

Google Pixel XL — 2017
Apple iPhone 6 — 2014
Apple iPhone 5 — 2012
Apple iPhone 4 — 2010
Apple iPhone 3G — 2008
LG VX 8600 — 2006
Samsung SCH A670 — 2004 (first flip phone)
Kyocera KWC 2235 — 2002 (Verizon’s first 3G phone)
Qualcomm QCP-860 — 2001
Kyocera QCP 2035 — 2000 (text messaging just starting to take off)
Sony CM-B1200 — 1999 (PCS phone)
Nokia 252 — 1998/1999


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